Stephen J. Draisin

Education and Experience

Attorney Draisin majored in history at The George Washington University and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1969. Following his passion for law, he studied at The George Washington University National Law Center and earned his Juris Doctor in 1972. In 1975, he opened his own law firm which is now located in Englewood, NJ.

Reputation and Approach

Throughout his many years of practice, attorney Stephen J. Draisin has firmly established a reputation of excellence among both peers and clients. Among his peers, he is well acknowledged for his integrity, deep knowledge, and exact application, of the law. Among his clients, he is valued for his client-centric approach, transparency and practical legal solutions. He is not afraid to take on tough cases and sees them through to a successful resolution.

Attorney Draisin gives each case the time it deserves. He also enjoys educating his clients and is always happy to answer any questions, big or small. As a proactive attorney, he keeps his clients engaged in the process and up to date as their case progresses. When you meet with attorney Stephen J. Draisin, you can expect to meet a legal professional who is both highly knowledgeable and down to earth.

Practice Areas

Attorney Stephen Draisin focuses his law practice on personal injury, family law including divorce, probate and real estate law. He has successfully handled many different types of personal injury cases, including vehicular accidents and product liability.  He firmly establishes the elements of negligence and has won substantial awards on behalf of his clients. In divorce-related issues, he is committed to protecting the rights of clients and their families. He also advises clients of all their options for resolution, such as mediation or collaborative divorce. He assists with the probate process to ensure that required tasks are properly executed in a timely manner, and can represent you in estate litigation if you are not able to settle the estate.  As as a real estate attorney, he is there to protect his clients’ investment, whether it’s a sale or purchase. Attorney Draisin also drafts, reviews and revises real estate contracts and manages title and zoning issues.

If you are facing a divorce, involved in a personal injury situation, real estate transaction, probate administration or litigation, turn to attorney Stephen J. Draisin for effective and aggressive representation. He is there to fight for justice on your behalf.

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