Practice Areas

Estate Litigation

Losing a loved one is difficult; finding out their assets have been depleted due to improper use of a power of attorney or finding out your rights as a beneficiary of a loved one’s estate have been compromised because of an unlawful act is even more stressful. It is important to ensure your rights are preserved if you believe your loved one has been forced to transfer assets against their will or they’ve modified a trust agreement or will because of undue influence.

Family Law

When you face a family law matter, you face a number of serious considerations. Not only do you need to know that your own needs are being met, but you also need to protect your future and safeguard your children. These cases can become complex quite quickly, and that is why you need a New Jersey family law attorney on your side. Attorney Stephen J. Draisin offers the services of a family law attorney who is ready to fight for you, so you can protect your family and future, no matter what the situation you are facing may be.

Personal Injury and Negligence

If you were injured, harmed, or sustained losses as a result of another person or party’s accidental or intentional conduct, you are in a position to pursue monetary damages to make you whole again. Attorney Stephen J. Draisin, who is licensed to practice law in both New Jersey and New York, has more than 40 years of experience zealously and effectively representing clients. His many years of experience, combined with his negotiation and courtroom trial skills, make him a powerful advocate on your behalf.

Real Estate Law (Residential & Commercial)

For most of us, a real estate investment will be the most significant investment we make in our lifetime. Whether you are purchasing investment property or a new home, you need an attorney who can help you review the contracts you are signing as well as help you through the closing process. In addition, you’ll need an attorney to help you with other issues including zoning restrictions and more.

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