Real Estate Law (Residential & Commercial)

For most of us, a real estate investment will be the most significant investment we make in our lifetime. Whether you are purchasing investment property or a new home, you need an attorney who can help you review the contracts you are signing as well as help you through the closing process. In addition, you’ll need an attorney to help you with other issues that may crop up unexpectedly, including zoning restrictions and more.

Residential Real Estate Services

Signing a purchase and sale agreement is only the first step in the residential real estate process. You will need an attorney who will protect your rights throughout the entire process including reviewing loan agreements, handling your escrow needs and more. Attorney Stephen J. Draisin has extensive experience handling a whole range of residential real estate transactions in both New Jersey and New York. There are numerous documents that both buyers and sellers must contend with when dealing with real estate; Attorney Draisin is here to help.

Commercial Real Estate Services

When you purchase commercial real estate in New York or New Jersey you need to be prepared to deal with not only the lending institutions, the buyer and seller, but also possible zoning restrictions.  Whether you’re considering using the property for your personal use or you’re going to be leasing the property, you may encounter a variety of issues including usage rights. When you need assistance drafting new lease agreements for tenants or you require help with zoning boards, you can count on the assistance of Attorney Stephen J. Draisin for all your commercial real estate transaction needs.

Regardless of whether you need someone with experience to review a purchase and sale agreement, require help with the real estate closing process, or you need to have a lease drawn up for commercial real estate property, contact Attorney Stephen J.  Draisin at 201-569-2929.  Attorney Draisin provides commercial and residential real estate law services in both New York and New Jersey and will work with you through the process to ensure your rights are protected.

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